New Adventures

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Moving Forward. It was about leaving university and moving a couple thousand miles away to New York to start my first graduate job. You’ll know from my last blog post that I had the most amazing year in New York and was sad to return to reality. However, I decided I didn’t really like … Continue reading New Adventures

Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

So I’m going to try and not make this overly sappy, because that’s lame, but this really has been one of the best years of my life. If you want a visual image to go with this statement, picture me sobbing in JFK airport while treating glass of wine like it’s orange juice. I have managed to cram a ridiculous amount of things in which … Continue reading Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York


In September I asked a New Yorker for some restaurant recommendations. Morimoto was her top choice, and I buried it away at the back of my mind. So when my family came over for Christmas, it was the first place I booked. It’s unassuming from the outside, and can be found next to Chelsea market. You walk inside and everything is glass and white, with … Continue reading Morimoto

Companion – the ‘walk me home’ app

I saw this app a little while ago, and had one of those ‘that’s such a good idea, why hasn’t anyone done it before?!’ moments. I only decided to write about it after a conversation with my roommate who told me that while walking home one night in downtown NYC, she was sending her pinned location to a friend every two minutes or so. Generally, I am pretty … Continue reading Companion – the ‘walk me home’ app