#WCW – Jessica Pointing

You know when you come across someone and you are just in awe of how that person could exist? That’s what happened when I came across Jessica Pointing. Physics and computer science student at Harvard (prior MIT). Internships at Google (software engineering), Goldman Sachs (investment banking), Morgan Stanley (strategist). Incoming PHD candidate at Stanford in Quantum Computing. One of those things alone would be incredibly … Continue reading #WCW – Jessica Pointing

The 10 stages of what moving to Australia is really like.

Roughly 9 months ago I was sitting in the airport, my hands shaking a little with the weight of the decision I had made. After a 2 week pit-stop at home, I had repacked my bags to start all over again in Australia. I had just spent a year away from my friends and family, so I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing it … Continue reading The 10 stages of what moving to Australia is really like.

New Adventures

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Moving Forward. It was about leaving university and moving a couple thousand miles away to New York to start my first graduate job. You’ll know from my last blog post that I had the most amazing year in New York and was sad to return to reality. However, I decided I didn’t really like … Continue reading New Adventures

Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

So I’m going to try and not make this overly sappy, because that’s lame, but this really has been one of the best years of my life. If you want a visual image to go with this statement, picture me sobbing in JFK airport while treating glass of wine like it’s orange juice. I have managed to cram a ridiculous amount of things in which … Continue reading Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

Move over LinkedIn, Instagram and Tinder are the new social recruiters

When most people are putting photos on Instagram, they’re probably thinking ‘this shot of a cocktail on the beach is going to get me all the likes’. They’re probably not thinking, this shot is going to get me my dream job.


Okay, the picture of you on the beach probably isn’t going to get you the dream job, but a lot of companies are looking to these sites to find the perfect candidate for their jobs.

This agency, and this start-up both found new hires through Tinder. Half publicity stunt and half genuine job seeking tactics, the unconventional approach was used in the aim of getting to know someone in a real setting, outside a formal interview. This makes sense for a job that requires digital understanding and/or a level of creativity. Unconventional method for an unconventional job. Plus, think about how many people you can get through in a short amount of time.


Then you get massive agencies like Droga5 who left one spot on their grad scheme open for someone who could really impress them over instagram.

A video posted by Droga5 (@droga5) on Apr 15, 2016 at 5:17am PDT

Caveat being that said person also had to submit more traditional requirements. However, giving people the opportunity to really display why they deserve the job is in no way a terrible idea. Check the entries here. 

“If the Instagram post is creative and well thought out, that’s likely to be a good indicator of whether the candidate will be a good fit for the position”

“We want to attract the type of people we’d love to have as an intern: Digitally native, diverse talent that can work fast and can think on their feet,” Trostle said. – AdWeek, 2016

Everyone has been telling us (young people – lol) to make sure we’re not posting anything on social media that we wouldn’t want employers to see. But what if it’s all reversing? We should be posting things we definitely want them to see. Designers create online portfolios, so why shouldn’t more jobs start recruiting through what potential hires put out on the web? It’s a chance to show who you really are and what you can do.

So maybe next time you’re on Tinder, don’t open with a dick joke, because it might be your new boss on the other end.

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The Transforming Workplace

Millennials millennials millennials. Blah Blah Blah. You can’t get away from the buzzwords these days. Social, millennials, Gen z, digital, start-ups, influencer marketing, authentic, geotargeting.. you get the idea. But Buzzwords are there for a reason, and usually it’s cause they are the basis of a trend. The social workplace is not a new thing. Companies have been talking about the social office from a … Continue reading The Transforming Workplace

Charleston, South Carolina

My roommate Emily and I decided to go on an impromptu trip to Charleston over the Easter Weekend. To keep things on the cheap side, we hopped on a 14 hour bus on Thursday night, and arrived on Friday morning to glorious sunshine. Charleston is a seriously gorgeous place, with old buildings, lovely restaurants and a great bar scene. Weekend summary: buses, sunshine, palm trees, … Continue reading Charleston, South Carolina

Secret Spots: Mr Fish

I’m going to try a new feature here where I post about some secrets spots that I love in New York. I can’t guarantee that this will be a common feature, but I’ll try. Mr Fish is the best sushi takeout spot in mid-town (and maybe New York). It’s also technically not called Mr Fish (it was re-named Roll & Katsu Kitchen). Myself, Lauren, Keelan … Continue reading Secret Spots: Mr Fish

Skiing in Vermont

Not far from New York is some decent skiing up in Vermont. Not ones to miss an opportunity to visit a new state, a bunch of us piled on a bus on Friday afternoon and set about getting ourselves on the slopes in Sugarbush. It was a weekend of minimal sleep, bluebird days, lots of beers, skiing and only a little bit of falling over. … Continue reading Skiing in Vermont