#WCW – Jessica Pointing

You know when you come across someone and you are just in awe of how that person could exist? That’s what happened when I came across Jessica Pointing. Physics and computer science student at Harvard (prior MIT). Internships at Google (software engineering), Goldman Sachs (investment banking), Morgan Stanley (strategist). Incoming PHD candidate at Stanford in Quantum Computing. One of those things alone would be incredibly … Continue reading #WCW – Jessica Pointing

Amazon & PillPack: another step towards Prime domination.

Amazon just announced their $1 billion acquisition of PillPack, an online pharmacy drug dispenser. A company who set out to sell books now touch every part of our lives: from fashion, to food, to healthcare. Cleanly designed, easy to understand, simple. It’s an acquisition that makes sense. Amazon has spent the last 20 years perfecting the direct to customer model, refining it until you can … Continue reading Amazon & PillPack: another step towards Prime domination.

This week’s episode of ‘what were they thinking’ has a new segment called ‘who the hell approved this?’

This post is basically the opposite of my Advert of the Week posts. I can only imagine the tense nature of the global Pepsi office this week. I was actually interviewed for a job as a brand manager at Pepsi in Sydney before I accepted my current role. Today is a day I feel grateful that I didn’t take that job. ‘Live for Now’ is the … Continue reading This week’s episode of ‘what were they thinking’ has a new segment called ‘who the hell approved this?’

A life of convienience

Subscriptions have been creeping into our lives increasingly over the past 5 or so years. Before, I would never dream of committing to spend money month in/month out on anything, never mind food or access to TV shows.

But now, when people tell me they don’t have Netflix I am shocked. Really? What do you watch? How do you survive? It’s so cheap and easy!

I can’t even remember what I did before my ASOS delivery subscription.




For ages, everyone was shouting about supermarket online shopping and delivery. It was the thing. The big 4 were rushing to out-do each other and capture this space. But while this was happening there was something else going on.

The health and easy living trends have slowly been merging to create a space that’s perfect for meal delivery subscriptions. Pre-weighed ingredients delivered right to your door with a recipe, which make you feel like you’re still cooking but without 90% of the hassle (no deciding, supermarkets, lists, measuring).


I think Graze was the first incarnation I encountered of this, and it was a bit before its time. Since then, HelloFresh and BlueApron, and a whole bunch of others have been fighting for the millennial market share.


Outside of food, subscription boxes are really doing well. Beauty, health care and even fashion are all making successful appearances.

Most recently, it was announced that Dollar Shave Club has just been bought by mega FMCG company Unilever for $1bn. This shows the mainstream potential of subscription services at moment. I wonder if they will also be purchasing Dollar Rubber Club ?

It will be interesting to see how far the space can go. In the future, will everything we buy come from direct debits and be sent straight to our door? Probably not, but maybe the big things will be.

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Move over LinkedIn, Instagram and Tinder are the new social recruiters

When most people are putting photos on Instagram, they’re probably thinking ‘this shot of a cocktail on the beach is going to get me all the likes’. They’re probably not thinking, this shot is going to get me my dream job.

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Sea so blue it glows ☀️☀️🌴

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Okay, the picture of you on the beach probably isn’t going to get you the dream job, but a lot of companies are looking to these sites to find the perfect candidate for their jobs.

This agency, and this start-up both found new hires through Tinder. Half publicity stunt and half genuine job seeking tactics, the unconventional approach was used in the aim of getting to know someone in a real setting, outside a formal interview. This makes sense for a job that requires digital understanding and/or a level of creativity. Unconventional method for an unconventional job. Plus, think about how many people you can get through in a short amount of time.


Then you get massive agencies like Droga5 who left one spot on their grad scheme open for someone who could really impress them over instagram.

A video posted by Droga5 (@droga5) on Apr 15, 2016 at 5:17am PDT

Caveat being that said person also had to submit more traditional requirements. However, giving people the opportunity to really display why they deserve the job is in no way a terrible idea. Check the entries here. 

“If the Instagram post is creative and well thought out, that’s likely to be a good indicator of whether the candidate will be a good fit for the position”

“We want to attract the type of people we’d love to have as an intern: Digitally native, diverse talent that can work fast and can think on their feet,” Trostle said. – AdWeek, 2016

Everyone has been telling us (young people – lol) to make sure we’re not posting anything on social media that we wouldn’t want employers to see. But what if it’s all reversing? We should be posting things we definitely want them to see. Designers create online portfolios, so why shouldn’t more jobs start recruiting through what potential hires put out on the web? It’s a chance to show who you really are and what you can do.

So maybe next time you’re on Tinder, don’t open with a dick joke, because it might be your new boss on the other end.

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The Transforming Workplace

Millennials millennials millennials. Blah Blah Blah. You can’t get away from the buzzwords these days. Social, millennials, Gen z, digital, start-ups, influencer marketing, authentic, geotargeting.. you get the idea. But Buzzwords are there for a reason, and usually it’s cause they are the basis of a trend. The social workplace is not a new thing. Companies have been talking about the social office from a … Continue reading The Transforming Workplace

#WCW – Colleen DeCourcy

I have actually had the pleasure to work with W&K before. They are a huge creative advertising company who produce award winning work on a regular basis. I have worked with them during my time at Lurpak and mostly found that they produced really high quality stuff – the first time round. Colleen DeCourcey is the Global Co-Executive Creative Director (& Partner) at W&K. I read … Continue reading #WCW – Colleen DeCourcy

Advert of the Week – Under Armour

I mentioned the simplicity and effectiveness of the new Under Armour umbrella campaign ‘I will’ here. This is the latest ad that has come from one of it’s spin off campaigns – rule yourself (click here for the rest). This campaign is about the sacrifices and commitment that athletes have outside of the spotlight, and that it’s ‘what you do in the dark’ that determines how … Continue reading Advert of the Week – Under Armour

12 helpful hints to survive the US workplace

Today marks 6 months since being in New York (and my 100th blog post!), so I thought I was now well placed enough to impart some wisdom.   Dress Smart First impressions stick, and in New York this counts for double. When everyone around you is wearing $2000 suits and Prada heels, you could at least iron your blouse (I never do but I like … Continue reading 12 helpful hints to survive the US workplace

#WCW – Jessica Mah

Jessica Mah was coding by 8 years old, made her first tech business at 12, left high school at 15 (to go to college) and launched inDinero at 19. She has been featured on both Inc and Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists. inDinero is a company that helps small businesses with their taxes and account. It sounds boring but hey, what business do you run? … Continue reading #WCW – Jessica Mah