Bermuda (pt 1)

You know when you’re sitting at your desk at work and you just wish you could book a cheap flight to the Caribbean to escape? Well being only a few hours and a couple of hundred dollars away really helps in actually making that happen. We gathered together on a dreary, cold, Sunday evening and just booked our flights. It was only after we booked … Continue reading Bermuda (pt 1)

The avs’ and the av nots.

Make brunch not war folks. If you didn’t hear, an Australian ‘expert’ called Bernard Salt (KPMG partner) recently commented that millennials can’t afford to buy houses because they eat too much avocado on toast. Seriously. Obviously his comment was meant to be a wider observation around how much the millennial generation eats out a lot more frequently than previous generations. However, its probably the ludicrous property … Continue reading The avs’ and the av nots.

Getting around Ad Blockers

Hello there. I just wanted to post the quickest of all blog posts to share a great example of how to get around ad blockers. I explored this topic here if you want to check it out. The example is from Netflix and very relevant for what they are promoting – the new Back Mirror series – and the messaging surrounding that. Blooming genius. Continue reading Getting around Ad Blockers

Bringing it to life

In the age of everything digital, sometimes a tangible real life experience is the way to connect with consumers. There has already been a lot of hype around the Gilmore Girls reboot (coming to Netflix in November) but they seem to be doing as much promotion as they can anyway. In their latest promotion, they are using local coffee shops in the US to bring … Continue reading Bringing it to life

Advert of the Week – CATS

Okay so technically this advert of the week is a non-advert. It was actually created as the opposite of an advert; to combat the noise and saturation of messages that consumers face every day.   Organised by Glimpse (a collective of marketers and creatives) and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the project is a breath of fresh air in the jumble of the ads of … Continue reading Advert of the Week – CATS