A comprehensive list of places to go in New York.

Shortly after starting my stint in New York, I wrote this blog post on what you should do with visitors or if you go on holiday there. Well, after having completed my year, I feel like I have a better idea of the best places to go. I get asked recommendations all the time, and instead of giving a huge list, I put together this … Continue reading A comprehensive list of places to go in New York.

The 10 stages of what moving to Australia is really like.

Roughly 9 months ago I was sitting in the airport, my hands shaking a little with the weight of the decision I had made. After a 2 week pit-stop at home, I had repacked my bags to start all over again in Australia. I had just spent a year away from my friends and family, so I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing it … Continue reading The 10 stages of what moving to Australia is really like.

Bermuda (pt 1)

You know when you’re sitting at your desk at work and you just wish you could book a cheap flight to the Caribbean to escape? Well being only a few hours and a couple of hundred dollars away really helps in actually making that happen. We gathered together on a dreary, cold, Sunday evening and just booked our flights. It was only after we booked … Continue reading Bermuda (pt 1)

New Adventures

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Moving Forward. It was about leaving university and moving a couple thousand miles away to New York to start my first graduate job. You’ll know from my last blog post that I had the most amazing year in New York and was sad to return to reality. However, I decided I didn’t really like … Continue reading New Adventures

Secret Spots: The Garret

The Garret is a speakeasy in the West Village. It’s one of those properly hidden spots, that would be almost impossible to just stumble across. From the outside, you see a building with a five guys, and possibly an apartment above if you’re looking closely. If you walk into the Five Guys however, all the way to the back and towards the counter, and then … Continue reading Secret Spots: The Garret

Charleston, South Carolina

My roommate Emily and I decided to go on an impromptu trip to Charleston over the Easter Weekend. To keep things on the cheap side, we hopped on a 14 hour bus on Thursday night, and arrived on Friday morning to glorious sunshine. Charleston is a seriously gorgeous place, with old buildings, lovely restaurants and a great bar scene. Weekend summary: buses, sunshine, palm trees, … Continue reading Charleston, South Carolina