What you learn when you live abroad.

I get asked a lot about which city has been my preference to live in, what the best part was, what the worst part was. In reality I have loved them all, and the friends and memories I have from each city are different but equally cherished (lol lame). But the best thing I got, came from living abroad in general because it teaches you … Continue reading What you learn when you live abroad.

A comprehensive list of places to go in New York.

Shortly after starting my stint in New York, I wrote this blog post on what you should do with visitors or if you go on holiday there. Well, after having completed my year, I feel like I have a better idea of the best places to go. I get asked recommendations all the time, and instead of giving a huge list, I put together this … Continue reading A comprehensive list of places to go in New York.

New Adventures

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Moving Forward. It was about leaving university and moving a couple thousand miles away to New York to start my first graduate job. You’ll know from my last blog post that I had the most amazing year in New York and was sad to return to reality. However, I decided I didn’t really like … Continue reading New Adventures

Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

So I’m going to try and not make this overly sappy, because that’s lame, but this really has been one of the best years of my life. If you want a visual image to go with this statement, picture me sobbing in JFK airport while treating glass of wine like it’s orange juice. I have managed to cram a ridiculous amount of things in which … Continue reading Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

Secret Spots: The Garret

The Garret is a speakeasy in the West Village. It’s one of those properly hidden spots, that would be almost impossible to just stumble across. From the outside, you see a building with a five guys, and possibly an apartment above if you’re looking closely. If you walk into the Five Guys however, all the way to the back and towards the counter, and then … Continue reading Secret Spots: The Garret

Secret Spots: Mr Fish

I’m going to try a new feature here where I post about some secrets spots that I love in New York. I can’t guarantee that this will be a common feature, but I’ll try. Mr Fish is the best sushi takeout spot in mid-town (and maybe New York). It’s also technically not called Mr Fish (it was re-named Roll & Katsu Kitchen). Myself, Lauren, Keelan … Continue reading Secret Spots: Mr Fish

Skiing in Vermont

Not far from New York is some decent skiing up in Vermont. Not ones to miss an opportunity to visit a new state, a bunch of us piled on a bus on Friday afternoon and set about getting ourselves on the slopes in Sugarbush. It was a weekend of minimal sleep, bluebird days, lots of beers, skiing and only a little bit of falling over. … Continue reading Skiing in Vermont

12 helpful hints to survive the US workplace

Today marks 6 months since being in New York (and my 100th blog post!), so I thought I was now well placed enough to impart some wisdom.   Dress Smart First impressions stick, and in New York this counts for double. When everyone around you is wearing $2000 suits and Prada heels, you could at least iron your blouse (I never do but I like … Continue reading 12 helpful hints to survive the US workplace