The avs’ and the av nots.

Make brunch not war folks. If you didn’t hear, an Australian ‘expert’ called Bernard Salt (KPMG partner) recently commented that millennials can’t afford to buy houses because they eat too much avocado on toast. Seriously. Obviously his comment was meant to be a wider observation around how much the millennial generation eats out a lot more frequently than previous generations. However, its probably the ludicrous property … Continue reading The avs’ and the av nots.

A life of convienience

Subscriptions have been creeping into our lives increasingly over the past 5 or so years. Before, I would never dream of committing to spend money month in/month out on anything, never mind food or access to TV shows.

But now, when people tell me they don’t have Netflix I am shocked. Really? What do you watch? How do you survive? It’s so cheap and easy!

I can’t even remember what I did before my ASOS delivery subscription.




For ages, everyone was shouting about supermarket online shopping and delivery. It was the thing. The big 4 were rushing to out-do each other and capture this space. But while this was happening there was something else going on.

The health and easy living trends have slowly been merging to create a space that’s perfect for meal delivery subscriptions. Pre-weighed ingredients delivered right to your door with a recipe, which make you feel like you’re still cooking but without 90% of the hassle (no deciding, supermarkets, lists, measuring).


I think Graze was the first incarnation I encountered of this, and it was a bit before its time. Since then, HelloFresh and BlueApron, and a whole bunch of others have been fighting for the millennial market share.


Outside of food, subscription boxes are really doing well. Beauty, health care and even fashion are all making successful appearances.

Most recently, it was announced that Dollar Shave Club has just been bought by mega FMCG company Unilever for $1bn. This shows the mainstream potential of subscription services at moment. I wonder if they will also be purchasing Dollar Rubber Club ?

It will be interesting to see how far the space can go. In the future, will everything we buy come from direct debits and be sent straight to our door? Probably not, but maybe the big things will be.

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Secret Spots: The Garret

The Garret is a speakeasy in the West Village. It’s one of those properly hidden spots, that would be almost impossible to just stumble across. From the outside, you see a building with a five guys, and possibly an apartment above if you’re looking closely. If you walk into the Five Guys however, all the way to the back and towards the counter, and then … Continue reading Secret Spots: The Garret

Secret Spots: Mr Fish

I’m going to try a new feature here where I post about some secrets spots that I love in New York. I can’t guarantee that this will be a common feature, but I’ll try. Mr Fish is the best sushi takeout spot in mid-town (and maybe New York). It’s also technically not called Mr Fish (it was re-named Roll & Katsu Kitchen). Myself, Lauren, Keelan … Continue reading Secret Spots: Mr Fish

Skiing in Vermont

Not far from New York is some decent skiing up in Vermont. Not ones to miss an opportunity to visit a new state, a bunch of us piled on a bus on Friday afternoon and set about getting ourselves on the slopes in Sugarbush. It was a weekend of minimal sleep, bluebird days, lots of beers, skiing and only a little bit of falling over. … Continue reading Skiing in Vermont

Advert of the Week – Lenovo

Brands love to jump on a trend, even if it doesn’t particularly relate to them. Lenovo have done a great job of both doing this and making fun of this at the same time. They are using the Superbowl AND the current Facebook influx of short recipe videos (Tasty, Proper Tasty) to advertise their new laptops, but in a tongue in cheek kind of way. … Continue reading Advert of the Week – Lenovo