If content is King and data is Queen, then Spotify is the current President.

We’ve all seen the massive OOH campaign Spotify did at the end of 2016. It won a bunch of stuff, including industry-wide (and beyond) praise. See here.  This wasn’t just a campaign gimmick. Spotify are determined to make data the centre of their business. Although Tidal and Amazon aren’t too much of a threat right now, that could change very quickly, so this is a … Continue reading If content is King and data is Queen, then Spotify is the current President.

The avs’ and the av nots.

Make brunch not war folks. If you didn’t hear, an Australian ‘expert’ called Bernard Salt (KPMG partner) recently commented that millennials can’t afford to buy houses because they eat too much avocado on toast. Seriously. Obviously his comment was meant to be a wider observation around how much the millennial generation eats out a lot more frequently than previous generations. However, its probably the ludicrous property … Continue reading The avs’ and the av nots.

Getting around Ad Blockers

Hello there. I just wanted to post the quickest of all blog posts to share a great example of how to get around ad blockers. I explored this topic here if you want to check it out. The example is from Netflix and very relevant for what they are promoting – the new Back Mirror series – and the messaging surrounding that. Blooming genius. Continue reading Getting around Ad Blockers

The insanity of Pokemon Go.

Over the last 72 hours, Pokemon Go has exploded. I don’t think I’ve seen people this obsessed with an app since CandyCrush was ruining everyone’s attention spans and social lives. To quantify, Nintendo’s net market value has increased by $9 billion since it launched last week.  Every time I’m on social media, I’m seeing a new article or picture or video about Pokemon Go. There are … Continue reading The insanity of Pokemon Go.

Advert of the Week – Intel

Okay so technically more of a product stunt than an advert, but still amazing. It gives a glimpse into what the future of drones could look like (delivery, event lighting, security) en masse. Beautiful visuals and wonderful display of their technological capabilities.   Give it a watch. Continue reading Advert of the Week – Intel

Move over LinkedIn, Instagram and Tinder are the new social recruiters

When most people are putting photos on Instagram, they’re probably thinking ‘this shot of a cocktail on the beach is going to get me all the likes’. They’re probably not thinking, this shot is going to get me my dream job.


Okay, the picture of you on the beach probably isn’t going to get you the dream job, but a lot of companies are looking to these sites to find the perfect candidate for their jobs.

This agency, and this start-up both found new hires through Tinder. Half publicity stunt and half genuine job seeking tactics, the unconventional approach was used in the aim of getting to know someone in a real setting, outside a formal interview. This makes sense for a job that requires digital understanding and/or a level of creativity. Unconventional method for an unconventional job. Plus, think about how many people you can get through in a short amount of time.


Then you get massive agencies like Droga5 who left one spot on their grad scheme open for someone who could really impress them over instagram.

A video posted by Droga5 (@droga5) on Apr 15, 2016 at 5:17am PDT

Caveat being that said person also had to submit more traditional requirements. However, giving people the opportunity to really display why they deserve the job is in no way a terrible idea. Check the entries here. 

“If the Instagram post is creative and well thought out, that’s likely to be a good indicator of whether the candidate will be a good fit for the position”

“We want to attract the type of people we’d love to have as an intern: Digitally native, diverse talent that can work fast and can think on their feet,” Trostle said. – AdWeek, 2016

Everyone has been telling us (young people – lol) to make sure we’re not posting anything on social media that we wouldn’t want employers to see. But what if it’s all reversing? We should be posting things we definitely want them to see. Designers create online portfolios, so why shouldn’t more jobs start recruiting through what potential hires put out on the web? It’s a chance to show who you really are and what you can do.

So maybe next time you’re on Tinder, don’t open with a dick joke, because it might be your new boss on the other end.

Continue reading “Move over LinkedIn, Instagram and Tinder are the new social recruiters”

The Transforming Workplace

Millennials millennials millennials. Blah Blah Blah. You can’t get away from the buzzwords these days. Social, millennials, Gen z, digital, start-ups, influencer marketing, authentic, geotargeting.. you get the idea. But Buzzwords are there for a reason, and usually it’s cause they are the basis of a trend. The social workplace is not a new thing. Companies have been talking about the social office from a … Continue reading The Transforming Workplace

Advert of the Week – Fisher-Price

It’s refreshing to see a traditionally non-tech brand talking about tech. Fisher-Price have released this concept video about their vision of family life in the future. From 3D printing your own soft animals, to non-screen digital interfaces, everything seems to be about using tech to make things better, and not just having it for the sake of it. “In the next decade, technology will empower … Continue reading Advert of the Week – Fisher-Price

#WCW – Colleen DeCourcy

I have actually had the pleasure to work with W&K before. They are a huge creative advertising company who produce award winning work on a regular basis. I have worked with them during my time at Lurpak and mostly found that they produced really high quality stuff – the first time round. Colleen DeCourcey is the Global Co-Executive Creative Director (& Partner) at W&K. I read … Continue reading #WCW – Colleen DeCourcy

Artificial Intelligence kind of terrifies me

AI is one of those impending discoveries that is sitting just beyond the edge of our technological capabilities. We have been able to imagine what it would be like, and envision a world where AI exists, but its reality is still out of our grasp. You only have to watch one of Hollywood’s incarnations of the idea of AI to be a little wary. Every … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence kind of terrifies me