Bali – Ubud

After the delight of the villa, I was a little sad about leaving it to go to a hostel next. Really I had nothing to worry about because the hostel was amazing too.

We stayed at the Puri Garden Hotel, and shared twin rooms.

It was pouring rain when we arrived so we sheltered while we checked in and watched the skies open.

Puri Hotel Ubud

The hostel had a lovely cafe, and a pool with lots of beanbag floats. The rooms were centred around a courtyard and were spacious and clean. We had a little terrace with some chairs for sitting with our morning tea.

Puri Hotel Ubud

Puri Hotel Ubud

We had a limited time in Bali which meant trying to pack in a lot in a short space of time. The first stop was the Coffee Plantation. 

Coffee Plantation

We drank all different flavours of Luwak coffee, on a huge balcony suspended over the forrest. We were the only people there so it was dreamy. It even had a glass floor, for the braver ones.

glass floor balcony




We also may or may not have been typical tourists and went on the rice paddie swing. No regrets.

tree swing

Next stop was the monkey temple. 

monkey forrest

monkey forrestmonkey forrestmonkey forrestmonkey forrest

This was a great place, and from what I remember it was pretty cheap – and you could spend a lot of time wandering. It was a bit wet (hot but damp) so we didn’t linger too long.

To finish off the day, we went to the Elephant Temple. You have to cover up here, and there are multiple sellers of scarves outside to ‘help you’. They’re pretty aggressive in their selling techniques so we just grabbed the first ones and went in.

elephant temple

elephant templeelephant temple

There was a man there unofficially offering tours for money, which we declined as we thought he was dodgy – but in hindsight I wish we’d accepted because we weren’t really sure what anything was. Interesting nonetheless.

When we were in Ubud we also spent an afternoon at the big rice paddies – which were incredible. We managed to get lost in them and took so long to find our way back.

rice paddiesrice paddiesIMG_4116

You could walk these big trails – mostly uphill – through them which I recommend. They even have little stops to buy drinks and snacks. To get into certain areas you have to pay a donation to the farmers who maintain the crops, in addition to the entry price. However this is very cheap.

All in all it was a whirlwind trip to Bali, but I really enjoyed in, despite many of my Australian friends trying to put me off the idea, as to them it’s so common.

I would definitely go back – and am certainly dreaming of it now listening to the rain outside my London bedroom.

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