I read 52 books in a year: here are my recommendations.

Typically I like to read a lot – for example, I would normally get through 3 – 4 decent size books on a two week holiday.

My 2018 new years resolution was to read 52 books this year, and boy am I stubborn; I refused to fail. Mostly rewarding, but at times a – s t r u g g l e – .

I read some great books and I read some not so great ones. See some highlights/lowlights and the full list from this year below. Here’s also the link to my GoodReads account where I’ve rated every book this year, as well as tried to add as many books as I remember reading in general. There’s definitely a lot missing but I’ll keep adding to it.


Books I couldn’t put down. 

Dark Matter

Honestly this book still has me fucked up. A mind-bending dive into parallel universes and how our lives are built through tiny decisions.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post 

This book isn’t just about what it was like being a gay teen in the 90s, but about friendship, loss, and finding your sense of self. A wonderfully nostalgic book that makes you remember the hot, sticky, American summers that you never experienced. This book is a must read.

This is Going to Hurt

An insightful, funny and emotional look into our NHS and the Doctors and Nurses who run it. A necessary read for anyone who lives in the UK, especially if (like me) you’re not in or close to medicine.

Everything I know about love

I cherish this book, and I know that every one of my friends who has read it has also raved about it. Laughed, cried – every emotion.

The Bone Clocks

A book of many stories that come together piece by piece, but keep you on tender-hooks to the end. A bit magical and mystical, but I love that.

Station Eleven

Disease kills basically all of humanity; life continues, the stories of people’s lives intertwine. I could see this book playing out in my head like a movie as I read it. Fast-paced, beautiful and a little haunting.

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

A fly-on-the-wall in the complex, sophisticated and bizarre world of the super-wealthy in Asia. With characters based on real-life experiences of the author, this novel is rich (and not just in cash).

Handmaid’s Tale


Nineteen Minutes

Who doesn’t love a Jodi Picoult? Couldn’t put this one down – gripping.

The Immortalists 

This book explores the age old question of fate through the lens of 4 siblings and the different paths their lives take after a shared experience. Thought-provoking.

Ready Player One 

Almost sad I came so late to this book – wish I had read it 10 years ago. A classic underdog story, set in a VR world in the future. Easy to read but very entertaining nonetheless.

I am Pilgrim 

A little ‘American-propoganda-y’ but I got through this surprisingly quickly for such a large book. Twisting and unpredictable thriller.

The Roanoke Girls 

A dark story about a family with secrets and a penchant for disappearing daughters. This one gets under your skin.


Easy reads for the beach. 

One Day in December 

Trashy but in a good way. Being in your 20s in London, love at first sight, best friends and boyfriends – it’s got it all.

Year One 

An easy to read and fast-moving novel about what happens when a magical disease wipes out most of humanity. I’m currently reading the second in the series.

One of Us is Lying 

I remember enjoying this but TBH can’t even remember the plot.

When We Collided 

This was a little gauche at times but enjoyable and feel-good.

Keeper of Lost Things 

A sweet, enjoyable ready. Got a little strange at the end but not enough to write it off from this list.

Luckiest Girl Alive

Keeps you guessing until the end. Some people in the comments hated the main character but I actually found her believable rather than the forced like-ability some protagonists have in books like this.  Currently only 99p in the Kindle Store – very worth it.

All the Light We Cannot See

Okay so I don’t 100% believe this should be in this category because it’s a little deeper than a beach novel but I also wouldn’t class it as one of my most memorable from this year.



Books I struggled to finish. 


So long and complex I had to keep going backwards and forwards to make sense of it. Ended up being a chore which is sad because I had high hopes.

Solar Bones

I found the ‘book in one sentence’ format difficult and unnecessary, and the story slow moving.

Hold Back the Stars

This book had so much potential to be better and explore a world that it only skimmed the surface of. Disappointed.

A Discovery of Witches 

Way too long, and way too repetitive in its imagery, adjectives and general mini-plot points. Contrived. Didn’t even think of reading the rest of the trilogy. Was shocked to find it was turned into a series.

Full 2018 List

  1. China Rich Girlfriend
  2. Rich People Problems
  3. I am Pilgrim
  4. Little Fires Everywhere
  5. Ready Player One
  6. A wrinkle in Time
  7. Turtles All The Way Down
  8. Holding Up The Universe
  9. Scrappy Little Nobody
  10. Looking For Alaska
  11. Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***
  12. Everything I never Told You
  13. Keeper of Lost Things
  14. When We Collided
  15. Five People You Meet in Heaven
  16. One of Us is Lying
  17. Luckiest Girl Alive
  18. All the Light we Cannot See
  19. Change of Heart
  20. Imajica
  21. Everything I Know about Love
  22. The Woman in the Window
  23. Year One
  24. Red Queen Book 2
  25. Nineteen Minutes
  26. A Girl in Time
  27. Red Queen Book 3
  28. Red Queen Book 4
  29. Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society
  30. Hold Back the Stars
  31. The Immortalists
  32. A Discovery of Witches
  33. Friend Request
  34. A Moveable Feast
  35. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  36. This is Going to Hurt
  37. The Psychology of Time Travel
  38. The Miseducation of Cameron Post
  39. Suicide Club
  40. Tattooist of Auschwitz
  41. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  42. A girl in time 2
  43. The anatomy of dreams
  44. The Roanoke Girls
  45. One Day in December
  46. The hate u give
  47. Narconomics
  48. Dear martin
  49. Solar bones
  50. Lies
  51. The giver
  52. The dry



Send me your recommendations! 


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