10 Weird Things About Japan

Did you know I went to Japan recently? Did you know I loved it? Well buckle down, because it was a wild ride, and I’m going to share it with you.

Japan’s got some weird things going on, and surprisingly they’re not the things I thought would be weird.

  1. Lack of bins

Japan is the cleanest place ever. Toyko is a city of 36 million (FUCK that’s a lot of people), and it is the most spotless city I have ever been in. The subway floors shine brighter than my future.

BUT, this is such a mystery because there are no bins ANYWHERE. Seriously, it’s insane. Turns out, people just carry around their rubbish with them all day??? They actually specifically take bags with them for this purpose. The mind boggles.

2. No card payment – account details

Everywhere is cash only. I had visions of travelling to the future where everything was robot toilets and robot servers and, well mostly just lots of robots. Actually turns out, Japan isn’t that technologically advanced. Nowhere has ETPOS and it’s difficult to find an ATM. Make sure you got dat Yen otherwise no ramen for you.

3. No tipping

I tried to tell a waitress that she could just keep the 100 Yen left over from the bill and she looked at me so deeply confused, it was almost as if I’d committed undeserved cruelty upon her and her entire family. Just take all the change, even if it’s only 1p worth.

4. Super orderly queuing

Boy do the Japanese love following the rules. When we first got there, we noticed little painted lines on the train platforms, to let you know where the doors open. We thought, oh nice suggestion. Turns out it’s not a suggestion. The locals line up in twos like it’s a military parade. You better fall in line.

5. Ordering food outside

They have machines outside restaurants where you just pop in your cash, press a button and out pops a ticket. You take that into the restaurant, give them your tickets and BOOM out comes your food. No need to talk to anyone. Now that I think about this, maybe it’s where McDonalds got their idea from….


6. Standing restaurants

Still on restaurants, they have a lot of restaurants where you just stand. You just stand while you eat. No chairs. Just standing. I’m too lazy for this.

7. Lack of wifi and people using flip phones

Your insta’s gonna have to wait, theres no wifi anywhere. Although one of our hostels gave us a data filled smartphone to use while we stayed, which I think should be made mandatory world-wide. Also, lots of people in Japan have flip phones – old school style, which is super weird.

The phone supplied to each person at the hostel for use during your stay.

7. School kids everywhere

There are school kids literally everywhere. Every day of the week. AND NO ONE IS SUPERVISING THEM. The Japanese seem to have so much trust in their youth and low crime rates. Literally right down to kindergarten age kids, just wandering the streets in their bright yellow hats with no adults. Oh the freedom.

8. Soft serve ice-cream

Love soft-serve ice-cream? Japan’s for you. It’s literally everywhere. No idea why, they just bloody love it I guess.

9. Twin Dressing. 

Apparently it’s a thing here where people dress the same? As your friend or partner or whoever. Literally the exact same outfit. We thought it was just a coincidence, but actually it’s something to do with the Japanese liking uniformity.


We thought it was super weird until we looked down and…


10. Pod rooms

Self explanatory. I actually love the pod rooms. They’re so cosy. I think they’ve got this one right.


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