It’s taken me so long to write this blog post that I’ve now actually been to Queenstown twice.

I have to say it is an incredibly beautiful place; like Scotland on steroids – which makes me feel at home.

I first went in September for my 24th birthday with my friend Nat. Highlights: Nat (a true blue aussie) seeing snow for the first time, skiing, champagne next to fire pits, eating pies. Low lights: avalanches, white-outs, wine tour sell outs, cold, guilt from eating too many pies.



LOOK! AT! THIS! Like honestly! IMG_3020




The second time I went was in March to see my soul-mate Lindsey who was there with family.

Still beautiful, still cold.

Highlights: wine tours with extra cheese, zip-lining, sunshine, pies again. Low lights: bumpy flights, spending all our money, feeling like the oldest people in a backpacker bar.

My Tips:

  • Queenstown is SMALL, so if you’re not planning to do any activities then you only need a couple of days there.
  • It’s one of the adventure capitals of the world (think skydiving, bungee jumping, zip-lining, paragliding, white water rafting). Activities are all pretty expensive, so be prepared to drop some dosh.
  • EVERYONE recommends Fergburger. I say you can go ahead and skip Fergburger (it’s good, but not 2 hour queue good), and go next door to FergPastry which never seems to have a queue (?!?!?!) and has theeee most delicious meat pies ever.
  • The downhill luging is actually more fun than you’d think.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, just a little. It’s where the good stuff is.

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