Run for Heroes – Viral Social

In March 2020, the world was facing the start of a scary and overwhelming situation – Covid-19. Lockdown in the UK had just started and everyone felt a little helpless. A good friend of mine was out running, and decided that she wanted to raise some money for the NHS front line workers as well as give people an opportunity to positively contribute and keep themselves healthy.

She reached out to our group of friends to help kick it off and reach the initial target of £5k. The Run for Heroes campaign has so far raised over £5.5m for a number of charities and officially expanded into the US, Canada and Australia.

With my experience in brand, creative and communication strategy I helped to shape out some ideas to bolster the initiative. This very quickly turned into a viral campaign.

I mapped out a social strategy to expand the campaign beyond instagram. This included an audience assessment and analysis on the best way to reach target groups and increase the likelihood of sharing. For example, I could see that many older groups wanted to get involved who were not on Instagram, so I suggested we write ‘text templates’ they could copy and paste and share through messaging apps such as Whatsapp. This proved to be a brilliant way to tap into ‘dark social’ and increase the momentum of the campaign.

I also saw the power of tiktok for this – as through social listening I could see that it had become the topic of a lot of content creation. I created a tiktok account for the campaign and created and published a video that garnered 40k+ views and 10k+ likes.

Additionally, I knew we needed to demonstrate the power of collective impact, and we could do this visually. As such I briefed in creative to the designer (another friend of ours), to create compelling visuals.


As the campaign grew, we saw interest from companies who wanted to get involved. With my experience in collaborations, I was able to write partnership proposals (see example here) for major high-street brands. The name of the partner has been blocked from the deck for discretionary purposes.


Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 11.16.32

As the campaign has continued, I have consulted on the best ways to take it forward – turning it into a movement not just a moment. This includes revising the mission statement, what the strategy should be going forward to create the most impact, and how to expand into other countries.

Alongside the funds raised, the campaign has been featured in top publishers across the world as well as several features on the national news and we estimate that over 1 million people have taken part all over the world (including many famous faces!).

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 11.03.21

I am very proud to have played a small part in such an inspiring and impactful campaign.




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