I never intended to go to Chicago. I’ve been before and was not desperate to go back so it wasn’t on my list for the year. But a friend in need is a friend indeed. And my lovely friend Liora had some people cancel on her, so I stepped in and booked flights to Chicago…on my phone…on a bus to Vermont…drunk.

I know I know, I’m a saint.

chicago 4

I have a confession…this post is almost a year late, so I’ve basically forgotten everything we did and saw.

What I can tell you is:

-deep dish pizza is kind of a let down (especially when you have to wait an hour for it)


-it’s not called the windy city because it’s windy but actually, it’s really windy


-the bean is cool but it’s underwhelming – 20 minutes max needed


chicago 3

-the architecture boat tour is great (but bring a coat – see point above). My favourite bit was the all you can eat cookies and coffee

chicago 5

-chicago has awesome buildings


-it has good food

chicago 2


-the glass box thing is very high and kind of scary

chicago 6



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