Bermuda (pt 1)

You know when you’re sitting at your desk at work and you just wish you could book a cheap flight to the Caribbean to escape?

Well being only a few hours and a couple of hundred dollars away really helps in actually making that happen.

We gathered together on a dreary, cold, Sunday evening and just booked our flights. It was only after we booked our flights that we realised Bermuda is fucking expensive and accommodation was going to be a killer. Eventually after lots of back and forth and searching we found an Airbnb that could squeeze all of us in, and was only a short walk to the beach.


We sent an advance party of Jolly, Muller and Eoin on the Wednesday, with me, Em and Ryan joining on the Thursday evening.

We stocked up on gin, tonic and eggs (because apparently this is all we could afford on Bermuda) which means we were basically set for the rest of the trip.

Look at the happy faces.


Determined to make the most of the sunshine, we woke up bright and early the next morning to go in search of a beach to plonk ourselves down on for the day. We were marched out of the door by and ever-efficient Muller, and each handed a boiled egg for breakfast (so luxurious).


I had fake tanned before the holiday because we all know I am pale and incapable of tanning. I was also the only person who purchased factor 30 on the way to the beach. We’ll come back to that later.


The first morning started out cloudy, and eventually started raining. The beach cleared at this, because normal people don’t stay on the beach when it rains.


Being British, we persevered and were rewarded with free sun loungers and a glorious afternoon of sunshine. Again, look at the happy faces.









So being British meant that not only did we endure the rain for some sunshine, but by the time the sun came out, some of us were slathering on the factor 4 tanning oil instead of actual sunscreen. You can guess what the results were there. We were a group of lobsters.


We spent the afternoon exploring the coves and marvelling at the glowing blue of the ocean.





After a hard day of sunbathing, we meandered back to the apartment to get ready for a big evening on the town. Which was promptly cut short by the searing pain of sunburn.


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