The avs’ and the av nots.

Make brunch not war folks.

If you didn’t hear, an Australian ‘expert’ called Bernard Salt (KPMG partner) recently commented that millennials can’t afford to buy houses because they eat too much avocado on toast. Seriously. Obviously his comment was meant to be a wider observation around how much the millennial generation eats out a lot more frequently than previous generations.


However, its probably the ludicrous property prices that are preventing them from buying houses.

As you would expect, the internet has responded wonderfully to #avogate.



But a great response to #avogate has come from Australian Avocados in the form of a reactive social media campaign. They did some paid social around a petition they have started called Make Brunch Not War.


Good responsive marketing.

In other responses, a cafe has actually discounted its avo brunch dishes as a response to the claim.

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