Advert of the Week – CATS

Okay so technically this advert of the week is a non-advert. It was actually created as the opposite of an advert; to combat the noise and saturation of messages that consumers face every day.



Organised by Glimpse (a collective of marketers and creatives) and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the project is a breath of fresh air in the jumble of the ads of the underground. It was little more than a dream, but through crowdsourcing, Glimpse made it a reality.

‘Cat Flaps’ Credit:

In total they placed 68 ads in the Clapham Common underground for a complete takeover much to commuter’s delights.

“We hope it will help people think a bit differently about the world around them, and get inspired to change things for the better” – C.A.T.S 



Individuals even paid to have their own cat’s images displayed in one of the ad posters.


View at

I love this project. It’s a little bit of fun and brings a little bit of delight to people’s day. Really well put together by Glimpse and shows the power of crowdsourcing – even if it is for something silly.


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