Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

So I’m going to try and not make this overly sappy, because that’s lame, but this really has been one of the best years of my life. If you want a visual image to go with this statement, picture me sobbing in JFK airport while treating glass of wine like it’s orange juice.

I have managed to cram a ridiculous amount of things in which makes me feel like I literally did nothing before. Like how have I lived in Scotland my whole life and not been to Skye, but I’ve visited like 10 states and a Caribbean country this year.


Leaving behind such a good year is kind of terrifying, because how much better can it get? When a free concert in central park where Beyonce and Ed Sheeran are the headliners doesn’t event reach the top ten highlights, you’ve kind of been spoilt.


I am endlessly jealous of people who are just starting out on their adventure in New York. Obviously there are challenging times, when your job is stressful and you miss home and it’s cold and you want nothing more than a decent cup of tea. At the end of the year though, it’s an unbeatable experience that changes you for the better in a lot of ways. Professionally, personally, as a friend, as an adult, as someone who is able to go out 5 days in a row and still turn up to work.

I could write reams and reams about the last 12 months. Like a whole book. But I’ll stop now and leave you with some pictures.

It’s not over New York. When the view from your living room is the Manhattan skyline, you can’t go back from that.



3 thoughts on “Nostalgia at it’s finest – a year in New York

  1. Aw! NY seemed like a ton of fun! Hope that your new journey is fun to! I really liked all of the personal pictures that you shared!


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