The insanity of Pokemon Go.

Over the last 72 hours, Pokemon Go has exploded.


I don’t think I’ve seen people this obsessed with an app since CandyCrush was ruining everyone’s attention spans and social lives. To quantify, Nintendo’s net market value has increased by $9 billion since it launched last week. 

2016-07-12 10_12_23-People are spending more time playing Pokémon Go than on Instagram or Snapchat

Every time I’m on social media, I’m seeing a new article or picture or video about Pokemon Go. There are crazy stories, help guides and memes popping up everywhere. It’s inescapable.

People are spending more time on it than Instagram and Snapchat.

Source: Fast Company

So what even is Pokemon Go?

It’s an iOS and Android game that uses geo-location and augmented reality (AR) – using your phone camera – to actually ‘catch’ Pokemon. Players can see on the in app map where these Pokemon are, and they have to physically walk (in like, real life) to go and find and capture them to play (gotta catch em all – amma right?).


This means you’re probably going to see a lot of people looking determined at their phone wandering around random areas. There have been reports of people’s houses being hounded or little convenience stores being the hub of Pokemon go activity.


Here’s a more in depth explanation about it all, if you’re interested.

So what’s the huge draw? How did they make this happen?

Everyone knows what Pokemon is. They have a huge pre-existing brand that 90s kids are unbelievably nostalgic about.

They made it good, and different. This could have been a complete failure if they had done a half-assed job in creating the user experience. They could have made it a lot less interactive and more digitally based.

That being said, there have been a lot of problems when it has come to the app crashing or not saving information. Something like this can usually be a guaranteed failure of a launch like this, but people are so hyped about the game, they have been willing to put up with all the troubleshooting.


The internet. Pokemon Go reached peak meme status in about 24 hours. And they are still rolling in. Even if you haven’t played it, you’ve probably seen at least 4 memes about it today. It all feeds into the hype.

All that being said, I can’t see this hype lasting for too long. Of course, some people will get completely hooked and keep playing, but the majority will probably start filtering out in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, I’m just going to leave this here….

2016-07-12 13_31_13-Pokémon Pornhub searches increased 136 percent since 'Pokémon Go' launched

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