#WCW – Colleen DeCourcy

I have actually had the pleasure to work with W&K before. They are a huge creative advertising company who produce award winning work on a regular basis. I have worked with them during my time at Lurpak and mostly found that they produced really high quality stuff – the first time round.

Colleen DeCourcey is the Global Co-Executive Creative Director (& Partner) at W&K.


I read this lovely interview from her here.

“I’m a Monday-Friday workaholic and yet I will honestly tell you that in my heart I could stop tomorrow. I could live happily in Saturday and Sunday. But If I’m in it, I’m all the way in it” – Colleen DeCourcy to HowDidSheGetThere.com

The impression I get from her is that she works hard and has a great deal of focus. That’s probably contributed a lot to her success, in a typically male-dominated, fast-paced industry.

Despite this, she mentions that her career hasn’t been particularly over-planned, and she’s just taken opportunities as they have presented themselves to her. She’s lived in Toronto, London, Detroit and New York.

Get up everyday and commit yourself to something that doesn’t feel like it’s taking more than it gives. – Colleen DeCourcy’s advice for the start of your career

Only sleeping around 4 hours a night (naturally), she appears to be a woman on a mission, who has shaped herself an impressive career in a tough industry. Awesome.

“Colleen DeCourcy, in a matter of months, has firmly integrated our existing digital talent, added more and enhanced their expertise,” said Wieden, who’s also global chairman. “This accomplished while trotting around the W+K global network with David Luhr and Mark Fitzloff. Trust me: she’s the real deal.” – AdWeek







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