Secret Spots: Mr Fish

I’m going to try a new feature here where I post about some secrets spots that I love in New York. I can’t guarantee that this will be a common feature, but I’ll try.

Mr Fish is the best sushi takeout spot in mid-town (and maybe New York). It’s also technically not called Mr Fish (it was re-named Roll & Katsu Kitchen).

Myself, Lauren, Keelan and Katie are obsessed with Mr Fish and are determined to work our way through the menu, which isn’t too difficult as you get sushi and miso for $10 and it’s a lot of food.

It’s secret because it’s hidden inside a food court type place in Korea Town called Gallery 32 – so glamorous. But you know it’s the real deal as soon as you step inside and see everything that’s being served up.


IMG_6043There’s a whole variety of things and everything I’ve tried so far has been really good. From ramen to teriyaki to dumplings to bao buns, if you want it they have it.


Mr Fish is right at the back, with a little hole in the wall to order.


You get little buzzers for when your food is ready, as everything is made fresh.


T-ara Roll


El Salmon Roll



Big Bang Roll


Rainbow Roll


Mr Fish Roll


Joy Roll


Chicken Katsu


Keelan loves it.


And Lauren is sad when it’s over.


If you’re not stuffed by the sushi, you can always grab yourself a dessert fish or froyo on the way out.


And you can stroll back to work feeling smug.


Me Lauren Keelan and Katie are basically the only people who have liked the Facebook page, so feel free to do so.

We recommend:

Mr Fish Roll (seriously amazing)

Big Bang Roll

Hot Night Roll

Chicken Katsu

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