I told Talor she really needed to try some Korean BBQ whilst she was in New York, and she obliged. We headed to Gaonnuri, which is on the fancier end of the Korean BBQ you can get in Korea town, mostly because of the view you get (its on the 39th floor).

You step into what appears to be an office building, and are greeted by a hostess at the front who lets you through.


We started with dumplings and glass noodles. Both really nice.


For main course we went for the BBQ sharing platter number 2 ($76 between you) which consisted of duck, brisket, chicken and prawns. It comes with rice and a variety of side dishes.

The BBQ in the center is heated, and someone brings over all the food.


An waiter starts the grilling for you and comes back occasionally to check on the progress. I always think this is going to feel intrusive at the table but it never does.


Everything was delicious, and although it seems like there is not much food, I always come away really full.

This place is lovely, and actually fairly reasonably priced, however there are a huge number of Korean BBQ places in the area that are probably of a similar quality and a bit cheaper (you are paying for the view). I have also been to Bann which I would highly recommend.

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