#WCW – Jessica Mah

Jessica Mah was coding by 8 years old, made her first tech business at 12, left high school at 15 (to go to college) and launched inDinero at 19.

She has been featured on both Inc and Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists.

inDinero is a company that helps small businesses with their taxes and account. It sounds boring but hey, what business do you run?

2016-02-09 11_13_19-inDinero _ We're your new back office

The business actually almost failed completey, but Mah and her team brought it back from the edge, and turned it around.

“Jessica Mah, 25, reinvented her financial software firm, inDinero, to create a stunning growth rate of 2,685.6% over the past three years” – Inc.com

She has been dubbed ‘the closest we have to a female Mark Zuckerberg’


“I think a year from now we’ll be doubled in everything– revenue, customers, head count,” – Jessica Mah, on inDinero





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