The Uber Re-Brand

Uber re-designed their look and logo, and wow are they taking a beating for it. They executed a Beyonce-esk internet drop of their new branding, with much less style and flair than Beyonce.

In my time in FMCG, I learned that people search by colour. When they’re in the supermarket and scanning the shelves, their eyes latch onto the colour of the brand they know or packaging they are familiar with. When it comes to products they look for certain colours for milk and cheese etc to explain information about the product like fat content.

With this in mind, millions of people are going to go searching in their phones for the Uber app and find themselves unable to find it because it looks nothing like they remember it to be.


They then released this super weird video about science and technology and people. I kind of get where they were trying to go with it, but I think they believe their brand is more important than it is. To people, Uber is an easy way to get around, but apparently to Uber it’s a huge part of global happenings. This is a classic case of being stuck inside a brand bubble.

Also, they point out that they’re going to be introducing self-driving cars. To the customer this doesn’t really mean anything but to all their drivers (who essentially make up the company and have contributed massively to their success) this means losing your job.

The likelihood is this will blow over, (apart from for the Design Head who resigned) and people will forget what it looked like before. However it’s probably going to be used as an example in poor change execution for a while. The thing is, it’s not the actual logo or design that people hate, although it is a little strange moving away from the ‘U’. It was the wider change management.


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