Restaurant week in NY is a saviour for the likes of me: a lover of food with mostly empty pockets. Hakkasan was on my to do this here, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Somewhat unassuming for the outside, you may only give it a second glance due to the blue carpet and velvet rope leading to the door.


Just as you tentatively step up to the door, someone opens in and guides you inside – closing it promptly behind you and checking for any lurkers..


A white marble corridor leads to a coat check and hostess, who helps you navigate the maze inside to your table.


The restaurant week menu is a 3 course set affair for $38. Considering most of the starters on the usual menu are about $20, and entrees $40+, this is a good deal.


The girls started with the steamed dim sum platter, the boys opting for the fried version.



Each one was delicious in it’s own way, with the duck being my favourite (very pepper-y), and it was all over too soon.


The starter plates are whisked away, and you mains and sides are set out on the table. I had the lamb, and everyone else went for the spicy prawns.



The lamb was seriously good, tender and very filling.



Finally, all 4 of us went for the chocolate mousse, artfully displayed. Surprisingly the mousse itself took a backseat to the frozen yogurt and passion fruit jelly.



All together a lovely meal. I wouldn’t have paid full price, but it was a great deal for restaurant week.

I felt bad that I didn’t get any good pictures of the inside, so here’s a snap of the bathroom.



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