Read yourself better

The importance of reading in an age of digital screens. Yes I see the irony of writing this blog post on my phone in bed at 11pm. Yes I still stand by my point.

I love to read, and I completely credit it for my somewhat expansive knowledge of useless things that are sometimes useful. I always say to people, I know a little bit about a lot, which works for me.


I think that as long as you’re reading, it doesn’t matter what it is. I usually read about 4-5 articles a day on various business or marketing topics that I come across through Twitter. It doesn’t matter that I came across them through Twitter, just that I read them.

I also try to read a novel or two (normally fiction) a month, and the majority of the time its some stupid dystopian YA novel. But that doesn’t matter either, because I still read it and have still used my brain somewhat.

“My suggestion for anyone who wants to be successful: turn off the TV and open a book. You can become an expert on just about anything just by reading and learning.” – Dave Ramsey, interviewed by Fast Company

I read on my commute, I read before I sleep, and I usually cram in about 3 books a week when I’m on holiday (my record is 16 books in 5 weeks).


We have books spilling off every shelf in every room at home in both Edinburgh and France. They are everywhere. The only thing I am certain about my future house is that I want an epic book shelf filled with all the books I have read and want to read. In particular, I really want one of these..


It’s hard in a world of Netflix and Instagram to stop staring at a screen and open a book (or Kindle if you’re that way inclined) but it’s worth it. Reading a great book is much more exciting than a Making a Murderer marathon – honestly.


I know this is the most preachy blog post ever, but it’s only because I believe what I’m staying. If Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day reading, and Bill Gate’s reads for an hour each night, I don’t think you’re going to go wrong by skipping that last episode of Narco’s and reading a chapter of the book on your bedside instead.


Please enjoy this buzzfeed post about books.

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