#WCW – Olivia Bee

Okay, I’ve blogged about Olivia Bee before, but not in the context of #WCW so sorry not sorry.

Starting with photography at 11, by the age of 14 she already had a campaign with converse. Now, at the age of 21 she is probably one of the most successful commercial photographers at the moment. Check out her client list:

2016-01-20 12_49_10-Clients _ Olivia Bee

She runs in the same circles as Tavi Gevinson, the super talented, wise-beyond-their-years sort of uber-youths of today. Her photographs are undeniably alluring, with an ethereal teenage dream quality that makes them seem like fantasy and reality rolled into one.

“Nothing gets in my way,” she told them, “because I don’t accept anything getting in my way.” – Olivia Bee, TEDX Amsterdam

She oozes maturity, and she’s been doing her job for so long that people have begun to forget her age and are starting to take her for the good photographer that she is, without the gimmick that youth can bring.

“People don’t take me seriously – until they see me work. Sometimes, even if they’ve seen my work, they’re still nervous and have to convince their client it’s OK, or they have to lie about it,” – Olivia Bee

2 (1)cover_hermestumblr_n8xljrCSAc1rsi2soo5_r1_12802009706965

Olivia is the kind of girl that shows us the power of the internet and that the talent of teens can no longer be ignored, and is in fact just as valid as someone of any other age. The courage and tenacity to go out there in a pretty demanding and cut throat industry, and take any dismissals and negativity on the chin can only be admired. Currently she is living in Brooklyn, and killing it.








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