Quality Meats

I’ve been to Quality Meats before, so when trying to think of somewhere to book for Christmas day, this popped into mind.

It’s fairly unassuming from the outside, and almost looks closed.


But you walk through and are greeted by lots of white and silver foliage.


It was all decorated for Christmas, and pretty busy for what I expected to be a quiet evening.


We arrived a little early, but set to the bar for a drink first. My sister and I had pear sangria which was unusual but pleasant, whilst everyone else opted for wine or beer.


The restaurant itself almost feels like a very modern wine cellar. There is a lot of attention to detail in the decor, but everything is smooth wooden lines, glass and metal.



We sat down and were instantly greeted with steaming hot garlic-brushed pull-apart bread. This stuff is heaven. I actually had to refrain myself from having a fourth piece.


While you peruse the menu, you are served some amuse bouche – these were a twist on cheese and crackers and were lovely.


The menu is simple, but provides a lot of variety in both meat and seafood.


Knowing how big the steaks are, we chose to share 3 starters: the tuna tartar served with homemade crisps, the crabcake and the scallops. All delicious.


For main course, Selina and Jed shared the T-bone steak, I had the filet, my Dad went for the halibut and my Mum had the bacon jalapeno starter.

We also shared sides of the broccoli and cheese bites (yum), roasted potatoes (average), and edamame (what you would expect).


Needless to say, I struggled with my 12 ounce filet steak, which was cooked (or under-cooked I should say – all steaks should be served rare or saignant) to perfection.

‘But Jess’, I hear you cry, ‘what did you do with the rest of that food?’.

Well my dear friends, I took it home with me, and ate it 2 hours later in front of the TV in my hotel room, like any self-respecting person would have.




This is the perfect restaurant to take parents to, or for a treat with your girlfriend/boyfriend or just a fancy mate date! Quite expensive but the food and atmosphere is lovely.





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