We wandered into Juilette’s in Williamsburg in the search of a good lunch. We found it. Walking in you feel like you’ve been transported to Paris, with the french posters, shabby chic furniture and greenery. We sat through the back and settled down, ordering cocktails straight away.


I had a bloody mary which I quickly devoured and ordered another. They have brunch specials, but I couldn’t resist the spicy lamb and goats cheese burger on the main menu.  Jed had the same, Selina went for a classic cheese burger and Christina had the croque monsieur.

To my delight, when it arrived it had a mountain of goats cheese. I hate when they skimp on the cheese, so this was perfect for me.


It comes with this sauce which was magical. I still have no idea what it was but I couldn’t get enough of it.


The burger was just the right amount of spicy, with the soft goat cheese going gooey when you bit into it. Delicious.


Look at that juiciness.


I honestly couldn’t get enough of it, and have been dreaming about it ever since.


My second cocktail was a lot stronger than the first so I struggled with it a bit, but the waitress was happy to top them up with tomato juice.


I was told the croque was also amazing, but I was too engrossed in my burger to try it.


Definitely recommend.


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