Dyker Heights Lights

Americans do Christmas decorations a bit differently to us in the UK. Where we have a wreath on the front door and some tinsel, they have full on Christmas displays.

Dyker heights in Brooklyn is famous for its decorations. The whole area puts a huge effort in, and its become somewhat of a tourist attraction. After brunch in Williamsburg, we headed there just at the sun was setting.


And what we were greeted with did not disappoint.




Some of the houses were huge. There was a range of decorating styles. From tasteful and somewhat reserved….


To blow up spongebob..



We went just as the sun had set at around 5pm. A little later on it gets quite busy, so I recommend going earlier. There is quite a big area to cover, and you do forget where you’ve been, so a systematic approach is the best way to do it. You can go yourself, or join a free walking tour.



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