13 tips for your first ever Thanksgiving: as told by newbies

DISCLAIMER: This was the first every thanksgiving I have been to, and therefore can not be held accountable for any non-american things we did/ate. Also I take no responsibility for the success of your thanksgiving because you’re an adult.

  • Don’t book your hire car with Avis. They gave away ours. We were temporarily stranded, it was a whole thing. Just take my word on this one.


  • Pre-plan EVERYTHING. This is especially valid if you’re going away. A last minute dash to the shops is not what you need on Thanksgiving. Plan all your food, alcohol and activities. It sounds lame but it’ll make everything easier.


  • Buy your pies. We were going to be wholesome and make ours, but I am so glad we didn’t. It’s a faff, and shop bought tastes better.


  • Don’t travel on Wednesday afternoon. Granted we missed the traffic due to the car catastrophe, but we were told over and over again that it’s the worst travel day of the year – made worse by everyone getting out of work at 3.


  • Use at least 100% more salt on your Turkey than you think you need. Trust me, it tastes better.



  • 4 bags of potatoes is probably too many for 11 people. Probably.
  • This was super useful for us. Seriously. It has all the ingredients, recipes and timings you could possibly need.


  • Also this. Take note Christmas Turkey carvers. Ours actually did turn out similar to this (all credit to Gareth).


  • Walking in between meals facilitates the excessive eating. You will eat a lot. If you go outside and run about/throw a ball around/have a walk, in no time you’ll be ready to eat again. So that’s the reason why most families play tag football on Thanksgiving. It has nothing to do with fun. It’s all about the stomach space.




  • Bring more beers and wine than you think you’ll need. Day drinking is key. image


  • S’mores are essential. Particularly if you have a log fire (which is also essential). 12308384_10154396493852782_7131705984507783775_n


  • Puzzles are fun. Board games are fun. Wholesome activities for all the family (and drunken friends) to enjoy. image


  • Netflix is perfect for when you are so full you can’t move. Because Netflix. #PeakyBlinders




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