Advert of the Week – Aldi

I was expecting a lot of John Lewis ad spoofs. I was not expecting one from, essentially, a rival brand. Although they don’t compete a huge deal in terms of sales, in the bid for Christmas media space, they certainly do.

This was extremely responsive from them, and although they claim it was spontaneous, I have my doubts. Serious amounts of planning and production go into TV adverts so it’s hard to believe it’s off the cuff. Either way it was very timely.

John Lewis have said they are “flattered”.

“Jean quickly became a national treasure for her love of our Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin when she first appeared on screens in 2011. We’re confident our customers will be excited by her return this Christmas.

“Our latest advert highlights Aldi’s ongoing commitment to offering high quality products at unbeatable prices that shoppers will be over the moon with.” – Jonathan Neale, the joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, to Campagin Live


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