#WCW – Jackie Jantos

With names like Coca-Cola and Spotify on your CV you know you’re doing alright. Jackie Jantos is currently the VP of Creative and Brand Strategy at Spotify.

She grew up in Tokyo (how cool is that?!) and after spending the first 7 years of her career at Ogilvy, in a range of roles from copy-writing to business development, she ultimately moved to Coca-Cola to join the Global Creative Excellence team (did someone say dream job?).


“The more people you collaborate with to do killer work and the more people you build truer relationships with, the more likely it is that opportunities land in your lap” – Jackie Jantos

She was at Coca-Cola for another 7 years before being asked to lead the creative and brand strategy team at Spotify.


She is my #WCW this week not only because of her incredible CV, but that she identified herself as always being the youngest person in the room at these huge international companies, and how you really have to put yourself out there to make a mark.


You don’t always have to be an entrepreneur, or the first to do something to be really great at what you do.

“Be hard on ideas; be gentle on people.” I think trying to understand and empathize with other people is important. It’s also something that – as a marketer – makes you better at what you do. At the end of the day, you’re either genuinely meaningful to real people or you’re not. – Jackie Jantos in an interview with HowDidSheGetThere.com




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