#WCW – Adrienne Lofton

Adrienne Lofton is the SVP for brand marketing at Under Armour. She has delivered campaigns for Levis’ and Target, and is making her mark under the innovative sports brand.

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“Innovation is really simplistic at the core. People talk about it being some huge technology, something scientific, but it’s really identifying a need and creating an innovative way to solve for it.” – Adrienne Lofton

AdWeek named her in their 2015 Brand Genius list.

The ‘I Will’ campaign competes with Nike in its simplicity and effectiveness. It won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, and its proving to work – having already overtaken Adidas in sportswear sales.

“She pushed for the right creative risks at the right times, which was key to getting the work to where it ended up.” – Julien Cheevers on Adrienne Lofton


Just another girl, giving it her all and killing it.




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