Living in New York actually means that it’s a great opportunity for me to explore other places that were previously not on my travel radar. This weekend a group of us decided to visit Boston.

it’s only about 4 hours away on the bus, so after work on Friday we hopped on and headed off.

We all had different objectives for the weekend (mine mostly involved going to Primark). So we started with what we all wanted to do, and that was drink. After our bus got in late on Friday, and we dropped our bags at our hostel we headed round the corner to a local bar. Here we found two things: the drinks were super cheap, and the barman was very drunk.

thumb_IMG_3033_1024 thumb_IMG_3032_1024 thumb_IMG_3031_1024

Day two: we grabbed some breakfast and headed out the door to walk the freedom trail.

thumb_IMG_3034_1024 thumb_IMG_3035_1024


12194555_10154359259582782_667284088191662559_o thumb_IMG_3041_1024 thumb_IMG_3042_1024 thumb_IMG_3044_1024 thumb_IMG_3047_1024 thumb_IMG_3052_1024 thumb_IMG_3068_1024 thumb_IMG_3088_1024

Obviously, this made us hungry again, so we got some lunch at a recommended Mexican spot; Felipe’s. My burrito was amazing, and I want another one right now.

thumb_IMG_3109_1024 thumb_IMG_3110_1024

After this, we decided to climb the 295 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument. 295 steps is a lot by the way, so we felt like weary travellers by the end.




With a 3pm tour of Harvard booked, we hopped into an Uber to walk set our sites on the place where Facebook was invented (and I’m sure other important stuff too..). Obviously we bought some Harvard sweaters before we left.

thumb_IMG_3112_1024 thumb_IMG_3113_1024 thumb_IMG_3119_1024 thumb_IMG_3127_1024 thumb_IMG_3129_1024 thumb_IMG_3133_1024 thumb_IMG_3135_1024

Although Harvard was pretty cool, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Beautiful buildings and a very interesting history however, so it’s definitely worth the visit.

It had been a long day of walking and learning, so we found a dive bar called Charlie’s and settled in for some drinks.

thumb_IMG_3139_1024 thumb_IMG_3141_1024 thumb_IMG_3143_1024

After some bar hopping, we found our stomachs rumbling and so set out to find somewhere to have a nice classy dinner. Thankfully, just around the corner we found a little cosy place called the Red House. Because the restaurant was so small, they didn’t have any spare tables. However, our friend Jack managed to convince the manager to give us a private room upstairs.

We had a wonderful (and reasonably priced) dinner in a gorgeous colonial room.

thumb_IMG_3152_1024 thumb_IMG_3156_1024 thumb_IMG_3158_1024



I had a roasted pumpkin and goats cheese strudel to start, followed by drunken lobster rigatoni. Both were absolutely delicious.

thumb_IMG_3160_1024thumb_IMG_3165_1024 thumb_IMG_3163_1024 thumb_IMG_3164_1024
thumb_IMG_3167_1024 thumb_IMG_3169_1024

After dinner we headed out and hit some of the nightlife in Boston.


It’s safe to say that the next morning we were all nursing a bit of a hangover, so we decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast (there’s a bit of a food theme here I realise).

thumb_IMG_3228_1024 thumb_IMG_3229_1024 thumb_IMG_3234_1024 Look at those yolks. thumb_IMG_3238_1024

I had waited long enough, so the next stop was Primark – which was incredible. The boys refused to join us so it was just use girls, dashing around and trying to pick up everything we could carry.

thumb_IMG_3243_1024 thumb_IMG_3259_1024

Our luggage was a little larger on the way home…


Boston was so lovely, and I’d definitely go back for another weekend trip. It’s not too far from New York, so if you’re there for a while you should give it a go.

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