#WCW – Katrina Craigwell

Katrina Craigwell is General Electric’s Head of Digital Programming and Operations. She’s largely responsible for digital content creation and distribution strategy for GE in the U.S., as well as partnering with GE’s digital teams globally.


She was named on Forbes 30 under 30 list (#goals)  
in 2014 and has largely been credited for moving GE’s digital presence forward leaps and bounds, winning them awards in different areas.

0x600 The reason that Katrina is my #WCW is because not only is she young, and a visionary in her field, but she has gained the respect of industry experts and old-hands all over, despite not being the typical global manager. For one she is a woman, and two she is under 30. Just by being there and doing all this amazing work, she’s saying (without saying) that it could not matter less that she is a woman, because she is awesome.

“In my early 20’s, I was fired from my job. After that experience, I thought to myself, ‘what am I an expert in?’ I realized I was really good at social media and still had a lot to learn. So, I enrolled in a digital course at NYU and kept making connections. My advice to anyone who in that kind of situation is to have a strong support system and continue to educate yourself and read”. – Katrina Craigwell





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