Advert of the Week – Barbie

I am a skipper of YouTube adverts. As soon as it hits 5 seconds I want to see the video I searched for. So when something catches my eye and I don’t skip through it, I’ve got to give it some credit.

Barbie (from Mattel) has been receiving fairly consistent criticism over the last…well decade…about unrealistic expectations for women and encouraging girls to think about looks over intelligence. My best guess is that the objective of this campaign is to tackle this negative publicity, and display Barbie as a suitable toy for parents wanting to encourage their daughters in this *shiny new feminist world*.

Realistically, it’s not even far away from where they started. Their “If you can dream it you can be it” slogan is well known, and has the same sentiment.


I’m loving the advert, which reminds me of the Always #LikeaGirl campaign (bottom), but the campaign as a whole seems lacking. They could really have pushed this out, but the click through landing page had very little information or content, and wasn’t even particularly functional. It feels a little half hearted, which is exactly the opposite of what this insight needs. Despite this, I give them credit for keeping my attention.

2015-10-21 14_48_22-You Can Be Anything _ BarbieBarbie_YouCanBeAnything_Landing-V2-R4_Header_tcm718-117375

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