Back to the future of marketing

Tomorrow is the day that Marty Mcfly travels to in the future. No seriously this time. You may have been duped by the internet before, but this is the real deal. This is not a drill.


And what should we, as marketers, do with such a unique and special occasion? Commercialise it of course!

Okay, joking aside, there is some big brand spend going into this day. Namely Pepsi, who landed what must be the best product placement in movie history (am I right or ammma I right?), are using that 26 year old investment and rebooting it. I wonder if that was in the business case to begin with?

‘Hey, look, I know it’s a lot of money for a product placement, but in 26 years time we can totally bring out a limited edition bottle!’


So, alongside a commerical (below) they are releasing 6,500 special edition Pepsi Perfect bottles. Quite aptly, those getting first grabs will be attendees at Comic Con, and the rest will be available for purchase online.


However Pepsi are not the only ones getting in on the action.

Toyota have released an advert teasing a longer film (which will be available to watch here from the 21st) on their new Mirai car – ‘the future’ of fuel technology.

Something that has recieved a lot of hype is the iconic Nike self tying trainers.


Although these exist in physical form (and were released in 2012), the actual functionality of the self-tying has not yet come to pass. It has been rumoured that this is in the works and some are hoping tomorrow will be the day….let’s all just keep our fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Nike have announced they are coming Spring 2016.

Ford (who provided some prop cars for the film) have used the occasion for a bit of fun (and kind of the flip side of Toyota), and posted a mock video about a flux capacitor upgrade in the Ford Focus and Fiesta. I like this one.

Being a big fan of the movies, I’m appreciating the engagement this is bringing. I think it connects people across many age groups and that’s why it’s such a unique occasion for companies and brands to tap into…even if they aren’t as relevant as the ones above.

From a technology point a view, the film was pretty on point. We have video calling, hoverboards, finger-print recognition, camera drones, 3D movies, and coming very soon smart clothing (see upcoming blog post – shameless plug).

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