Oaxaca Taqueria

My favourite thing about living in New York so far is discovering places I never would have found as a tourist.

I was taken to the place by a true blue New Yorker, and I had to share it. So on a rainy Friday (thanks Hurricane Joquain) we ran round the corner for some delicious tacos to warm ourselves up. Oaxaca is pretty inconspicuous, so you would never notice it if you didn’t know it was there.

2015-10-02 13.38.43

Inside it’s cosy and brightly coloured.

2015-10-02 13.06.572015-10-02 13.11.03

Lauren and I grabbed a table in the corner and awaited our food.
2015-10-02 13.09.23 2015-10-02 13.09.24

We both went for the taco special – 3 tacos, rice and beans for $10.95. I had the chorizo, barbacoa (braised beef tenderloin), and carnitas (braised pork shoulder).

All the tacos are double wrapped, and stuffed to the brim with succulent, delicious fillings.

2015-10-02 13.12.13

Aren’t they beautiful?
2015-10-02 13.12.40
2015-10-02 13.12.54
2015-10-02 13.14.28

It’s safe to say we dug in pretty quickly.

2015-10-02 13.16.25 2015-10-02 13.16.26

The chorizo was my favourite. Spicy and flavourful.

2015-10-02 13.28.23

I of course finished mine all off.

2015-10-02 13.32.01 Lauren on the other hand struggled, and had to pack hers up for an office afternoon snack.

2015-10-02 13.32.09

So, lunch hour over, we trudged back in the rain fully satisfied (and a little tired) from our Mexican feast.

2015-10-02 13.39.00

I definitely recommend Oaxaca if you’re in the midtown area. In the meantime, check out their Instagram and Menu below.

Oaxaca Instagram


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