Advert of the Week – Waitrose

This is what I call a ‘feel-good brand build’ advert.

It’s one of those where they are not pushing anything in particular – for example a certain message such as the launch of a new product, range, or a current deal. Instead, they are using it to build brand awareness and what we mushy marketers like to call brand love.

It might not drive direct sales, but these kinds of adverts are important in shaping consumers feelings and thoughts towards a brand. Particularly in the very competitive supermarket retailer business where price is the main driver of consumer purchasing decisions.

It clearly draw attention to their work with local suppliers and highlights the effort and quality that goes into their food. A nice watch.

 The ad features fish smokers in Grimsby, Hampshire apple pickers, meat processors from Yorkshire and Vale of York beef farmers James and Sarah Broadwith. The words conjure up thoughts of autumn, and the ad focuses on how food can add joy to even the windiest of days. – Waitrose

I liked it for its British Autumn feels. It’s almost nostalgic in a way – and certainly for me being away from home. In this sense it reminds me of another advert I loved by Heinz.

Happy watching!

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