Burberry, Technology and the Future of Marketing Strategies.

It didn’t surprise me to see that Burberry will be the first luxury fashion brand to launch a Snapchat show. For quite a while now, Burberry have been investing hugely in technology that creates a complete through the line marketing experience for their target market.


Little by little, they have been shedding the ‘chav’ label, and bringing themselves to the forefront of luxury retail; garnering an audience who knows what they’re about.


The digital and technology initiative was started by CEO Angela Ahrendts (now retail head at Apple) around 8 years ago.

“Front office technology has also been vital to Burberry, as the company looks to blur the lines between digital and in-store” – Forbes, 2014

This year they have also partnered with Apple Music to create its own channel of curated content that lets you get a feel of the brand vibe – think Spotify and Youtube rolled into one.

Burberry Prorsum SS13 Menswear Show livestream DECOR

Burberry are ahead of the curve. They’re taking some risks and spending some big money to decide what works for them. But ultimately, although it may seem like a big investment now, if they do get it right – and I believe they will – they will be pioneers in the next big thing.

Everyone is scrambling trying to work out what the future is going to look like, and how this is going to impact marketing. How are we going to be buying things? What will the shopper experience be like?

It seems that the world is on a technology cusp. We’re all sitting at the edge of the cliff wondering what the next big breakthrough is that is going to revolutionize our lives. Predictions often surround everything being very integrated; seamless connections through life (think Apple pay/the internet of things). Ultimately, whoever is the first to jump off that cliff and land on their feet is going to be the one reaping the rewards.

This means that marketers need to be thinking about what their strategy for the next 5-10 years is going to be right now. If they are a company who is willing to take the investment risk and go down the technology route then getting in now is key.

Drones for example, are pegged to be a big thing for delivery – particularly in luxury (hellooo same day delivery?).However, unless marketers start working out now if that is going to suit their customer, how it’s going to function logistically, what the costs are going to be and how they can convince their consumers to try it out, then by the time they do figure it out, someone will have already done it.

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