Advert of the Week – Quiznos

I have been posting a lot of lifestyle posts lately, so when I came across this advert I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce some more marketing and advertising.

Burning Man – Quiznos


My ad of the week is the Burning Man/Scorch Trials parody by Quiznos. The topic is current and relatable to their target market, the delivery is light-hearted and it is well produced. It feels both reactive and well-thought out. They have also nailed the product shots and branding without it being excessive.

Product shots
Product shots

55747bdb8649e.image Quiznos-20150914114509990

Good use of internet viral content.

I found it pretty hilarious, but those at burning man are rumoured to be suing Quiznos. I think this just furthers the point of the ad concerning the commercialisation of the festival.

Further Reading:

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