Coney Island

Coney Island is somewhere I have always wanted to go to. I’ve seen it in films – most notably Uptown Girls – and thought I would never get to go as it’s not really for tourists.

Uptown Girls
Uptown Girls

So on a sunny Saturday we packed up our beach towels and jumped on the metro.

2015-09-05 14.13.04

You step out onto a huge boardwalk that has a fun fare, and beyond that is a big beach. So we settled ourselves down in a good spot and grabbed some drinks. I went for a Coney Island Mermaid.

2015-09-05 14.35.52 2015-09-05 14.56.08

We spent the whole day relaxing, sunbathing and splashing around in the water. Once the sun started to set we decided to explore the rides. Coney Island Fair is open until 2am so there’s plenty of time for everything.

2015-09-05 19.15.24 2015-09-05 19.15.31

After assessing all of the rides, we decided to tackle the biggest one. With a vertical assent and more loops than you can count, it was one of the best rollercoasters I’ve ridden in a while
2015-09-05 19.15.36

There were some great things to see and I’d definitely go back. Highly recommended.

2015-09-05 19.30.33

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