First two weeks in NYC: What I’ve learned

2015-08-14 20.29.29
Leaving Party selfies

It is HOT

  • Be prepared to feel sticky for the entire summer
  • On the plus side, this means no tights and cute sandals are acceptable for work
Governor's Island Festival
Governor’s Island Festival

The food is WAY better

  • There is an incredible amount of options for food in NYC. I haven’t been to the same place twice, and I’ve eaten out almost every meal
  • This means the working lunch is a lot more exciting: ditch the crap sandwiches and think sushi, tacos and thai
  • You will almost never use your kitchen: even though I’m on a tight budget, buying groceries is so expensive here that if you are smart, eating out could be your better option

2015-08-21 09.34.49

Bringing me to point 3 – The Gym

  • When I first looked at gyms I thought they were SO expensive – ummm $40 per class for SoulCycle?! No thanks
  • However there are loads of cheap gyms – I managed to blag myself a student membership for New York Sports Club which is $20 a month including all classes
  • You also walk a lot. I have been walking an average of 8/10 miles per day (I walked 14 the other day!), so it’s an excuse to get some shiny new Nikes


My phone pedometer
My phone pedometer

The day is long, and fast

  • There is so much to do in NYC that you do everything fast (eating, walking – you name it), and the day lasts a lot longer
  • After a day at work in the UK, I would be in bed with Netflix by 10:30pm – this is not the case here.
  • It sounds tiring (and it is), but there is so much going on that you don’t want to miss out, so work isn’t the end of the day
  • Expect at least 3 activities after work every day (Gym, Dinner, Bars, a Show, Special Events etc!)

Screenshot 2015-09-07 19.04.00

Here are some pictures from my first two weeks:

2015-08-21 11.46.36
Lady Liberty
2015-08-21 09.35.39
Views from the High Line
2015-08-21 09.54.06
West Village
The High Line
The High Line
Govener's Island Festival
Governor’s Island Festival
Got my work 'emergency' bum bag.
Got my work ’emergency’ bum bag.
I walk past the empire state to work everyday.
I walk past the empire state to work everyday.

Screenshot 2015-09-07 19.03.50

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