Central Park Saturdays

A lot of things can happen in one day in New York.

Looking for a more chilled out day we headed to central park. On the way there we had our first crazy subway experience. A woman picked us out from the crowd and started to scream as us, threatening that she had a gun. She was clearly mentally unstable/ill, so we tried to ignore her as best we could and got off at the next stop.

Screenshot 2015-09-07 19.04.11However, the day took a very pleasant turn when we experienced not one, not two, but three marriage proposals.

Proposal One: A brass band playing “All you need is love” on the High Line

Proposal Two: Umbrella’s over a bridge at the Central Park Lake

Proposal Number 2
Proposal Number 2

Proposal Three: Another boat proposal.

After all the boat excitement we decided to get one of our own. It was really fun – although some friends of ours went the day after us and bumped into Ed Sheeran in the middle of the lake – so jealous!!

We got a boat
We got a boat
Ice Creams help to cool down
Ice Creams help to cool down

2015-08-29 17.03.472015-08-29 16.24.26

2015-08-29 16.24.02

Romantic Sunset Boat ride
Romantic Sunset Boat ride

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