Avoid a…ahem…sticky situation.

I have been MIA for a while over the Christmas and exam period. For that I apologize. However, to redeem myself I bring you an example of some really impressive and thoughtful marketing. Plus, sex sells. 
I always think it goes a very long way to do something that may not make you any money, but can have a huge impact. For example Lurpak arranged their lorry to stop outside of the house of a lorry-loving little boy whose grandparents had written in to tell the company about how he watches from the window every morning when the Lurpak lorry passes. This wasn’t going to increase sales by a certain amount or create national brand awareness. However I will bet you that those grandparents will forever buy Lurpak. Probably the little boy too. And they will have told countless numbers of people about how their grandson got to sit in the front seat of the Lurpak lorry. That is good marketing. Little things that have a big impact.
So here it is.
I have posted about Durex before….clearly they’re getting things right. SOS condoms is an app service that will ensure you’re never caught in one of those disaster situations where you’re about to get lucky but then..oh shit, you have no condoms. Basically, they guarantee that you just have to tell them where you are and they will deliver you a condom within the hour. BLOODY GENIUS. This is not going to make them any money. Probably lose a bit actually, plus a nightmare to co-ordinate and organize.  But it is a fantastic example of interactive marketing. It is original, thoughtful and pretty funny (oh and useful). 
Whoever came up with the idea, I salute you. 

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