Lighten up, it’s Christmas!

Following my post on several Christmas adverts, I feel like I should comment on the backlash that many companies are receiving for their seasonal campaigns.
Image courtesy of Morrisons
Morrisons, Asda and Barclaycard have all been branded as sexist in some way. Boots have been accused of animal cruelty. I am sure another ‘scandal’ will come along soon. 
When watching these I did not, in any way, view them as sexist. However, deciding I might be usual  asked many of my friends, who agreed. (I can’t claim that I know a great deal about the impact of a hairdryer on a dog, but I am sure Boots thoroughly clarified it was okay before proceeding). In my opinion people are getting far too wound up about the whole thing. Christmas adverts are meant to be about joy and family and love etc, no company is going to intentionally be sexist. 
Image Courtesy of Asda
From what I can gather, especially around the Morrisons and Asda case, people were offended by the fact that they claim the mother of the family is behind a good Christmas. Okay yes this may not be the same everywhere for a number of reasons but it is meant to be an umbrella/stereotypical approach, finding something people can relate to. Do you really expect them to analyse the hundreds of family situations and recreate them all for one campaign? 
Personally I know that my Dad does all the cooking/cleaning/organizing of Christmas, and neither he nor my mum were offended by these adverts. The adverts actually prompted me to think about how this applies to my own situation. 

Image Courtesy of Barclaycard
All in all, I think people need to relax. These companies were not intending to offend, the opposite actually (I am assuming). But I invite you to watch the adverts (find them on Youtube) and let me know what you think. 
[Someone who took a similar approach but avoided this controversy is Lurpak who invite you to take a quiz to determine what your Christmas day role is. It’s quite amusing – Find it on their Facebook Page]
Image Courtesy of Lurpak

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