The time has come

It’s that time of year again, post-Halloween/ pre-Christmas when all the lights go up and the tinsel is in the shops. There are two things that people wait for when this happens – and no it’s not Santa Claus. 
The Coca-Cola advert and the John Lewis Advert.
AM_706x264_Christmas_trucksThe Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are coming’ advert is a classic and always stirs up my festive joy. I don’t think I will ever get bored of that red lorry. They have mixed it up this year, and it is still good – although I find the giant Santa a little creepy – but the 2010/11 version will always be my favourite.

You need some good old fashioned American cheese at Christmas time.
The John Lewis advert has also become a staple sign post that the festive season is upon us. 
All of their adverts have been really good. They tell stories that get you sentimentally attached in around 10 seconds, which is a massive thing with TV adverts. I have actually seen people get very excited when a new John Lewis advert comes on. Well done to them! 
Now I must admit my favourite is the 2010 one. The 2011 one was really good – with the little boy waiting for christmas. I think they always have a great balance in their adverts (all – not just Christmas).
John Lewis 2010
Here is the 2012 one that came out TODAY – let me know what you think! 
John Lewis 2012

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