It’s catching…

I am finding the current viral Facebook advertising by companies highly amusing, and clever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you have been living under a large rock, in the desert, on mars. 

But for those of you who don’t, basically there has been a trend towards individuals posting complaints to companies on Facebook and these getting lots and lots of likes/shares. Getting read by everyone pretty much. 

But now, companies are using this to their advantage. A specific example in the news at the moment is Bodyform. The gist of the situation is a man publicly complained that he was lied to about a girls ‘time of the month’ through adverts that suggested these meant days spent horse riding or skydiving. 


Bodyform sent back a very public response. It is all in good humor  and instead of looking like the butt of the joke, they turned it around to their advantage. They got people talking, laughing and recognizing their brand. 

There have been other examples of this such as witty responses by companies, but this was definitely the best one. If you want to watch, yes watch, the response, I’ve posted the link below. (don’t judge me because it’s from the dailymail)

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