Can you park my AUDI while I talk on my SAMSUNG and drink my favourite COCA-COLA flavour?

Something that really pisses me off is bad product placement. I find it to be one of the worst crimes an advertising agency/department can make. Fair enough you want people to see their favourite celebrities using your product in the hope that they too will buy it – but at least do it well, and subtly. 

Come on coca-cola, we already know everyone drinks you. It’s not even your product in those glasses – and everyone knows it!
One of the worst offenders I have seen recently was Samsung’s shameless injection of their products into Xfactor UK. 
I know you want to increase your market share in competition with Apple, but this is not the way to do it. 
Most good films aren’t going to blatently display your product for a contracted 30 seconds throughout the film, so maybe it’s not a film you want to see your product in?
Music videos are equally guilty of this- ahem Cher Lloyd ahem.
In the case of the Disney channel, I was always unsure whether they were using false product placement intentionally, or were displaying cool products without the copyrights to it? [Eg, the ‘pear’ laptop’]
Regardless if you need to increase market share and stir up interest in your new products, it’s more than likely that this is the wrong way to go about it. People aren’t stupid, they know what you’re doing and are probably (like me) going to actively avoid your product simply because you insulted their intelligence. 


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